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5 Tips for writer's block

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Writing is merely a vision we have in our head that needs to be put on paper. I have heard of writer block for years, but I'm not sure I agree with that term. Below are my tips for realizing that you don't have writer's block but merely have a door that hasn't been opened.

  1. What are you fearful of? We often get stuck because we are listening to lies that we are not good enough, that we can't do this. Close the door to fear and tell yourself, "I can do this. I will do this. I have a story to share that no one else can tell, but I and the world is missing out if I don't get it out there."

  2. What door is closed that you need to open?

  3. If your book is fiction, think about your story and imagine the next door your character needs to walk through. What is the big conflict in your character's life? Ask yourself these questions, "Where are they going? What are they doing, or what should they be doing to get to where I want them to go?"

  4. If you are writing non-fiction. Ask yourself, what is my end goal? What is the takeaway I need the reader to gain? Research more about your takeaway to unlock your next door.

  5. If you have asked yourself all these questions and still feel stuck, you need a break. It's ok to take a step back. Sometimes we are trying so hard to make a story happen that we are preventing it from just flowing naturally.

I have been in the place of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, discouraged, and tired. I was trying too hard. I took a break. Life was overwhelming enough without e trying to make a story happen that was just flowing on its own. The break gave me a clear perspective and helped me to loosen up. When I went back to the computer, or sometimes to the pen and paper, the words flowed naturally. It is no longer a struggle to make the story happen. It happens all on its own. When you open the door, the story walks right on in.

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